The most relevant benefit of attending the Advanced Training Course is its interdisciplinary approach, based not only on theoretical knowledge, but mainly on getting practical skills.

The intended trainees are:
  • Researches and students specializing in the area of security of infrastructures (security studies, infrastructural engineering, electrical engineering, etc.);
  • Local government security experts;
  • Security officers who deal with security challenges of critical infrastructure; stake holders;
  • Experts who deal with terrorism or other violent threat and are looking for specialized knowledge;
  • Experts who deal with problems related to protection of critical infrastructure.
There are two most significant benefits for attendees:
  1. Acquaintance and knowledge of the development of modern technologies for technical protection systems that will provide safety and security of critical infrastructure concentrated on civil engineering objects;
  2. Shared knowledge and ideas for future scientific and technical activities in the field of research and development of protection of critical infrastructure using elevated monitoring system and high performance structural materials.
The NATO SPS ATC grant can fund the travel and living expenses of Non-Speakers/Trainees from NATO countries and eligible partner countries or International Organizations unable to obtain financial support from other sources.
Please specify in the application form during registration if a financial support from NATO grant is needed or will be covered by participant. The selection process of participants requiring financial support will be carried out by the organizing committee after registration deadline.